Platform for industrial Internet of things

IIoT.ISTOK ISTOK is an advanced Russian platform for the industrial Internet of Things, which contains a full set of tools for remote monitoring, diagnostics and optimization of equipment, products and their operation processes.
Registered in the Register of Computer Programs - Certificate No. 2021619312 dated June 8, 2021.

Key features

Production (any variations)
Technology (Big Data with ready analytics)
Control and analysis of operational data
Straight connection to controllers and native work with signals

Field of application

  1. Monitoring and dispatching of industrial technological and engineering equipment:

    • Monitoring of load, technology, personnel actions, and diagnostics.
    • Direct connection to control systems (PLC).
    • Support for all known CNC systems.
    • An unlimited number of signals, typically1 50-300 per piece of equipment.
    • Specialized software and a tablet for entering manual states (stoppage, operations, personnel).
    • Analytical information output on the information board (dashboards).

  1. Monitoring the movement of transport:

    • Acceptance of applications by the driver
    • Execution control
    • Support for all major trackers, or installation "on board"

  1. Control of the production environment and technology:

    • Rules that apply when going outside the limits
    • Intuitive dynamic 2D and 3D visualization
    • Electronic journals and protocols
    • Work with stationary and portable equipment
  1. Location control with RFID technology:

    • Search and analysis of location and duration of stay
    • Control of assembling and passing of QC points
    • Product labeling for subsequent identification
    • Automatic identification of objects using radio signals

  1. Environmental monitoring:

    • Taking and analyzing readings from various sensors, gas analyzers, etc.
    • Data output on the information board
    • Rules that apply when going outside the limits

  1. Smart city:

    • Integration of existing monitoring systems into a single system
    • Connection to existing IP cameras
    • Connection to power supply systems with prompt notification to mobile devices of emergency situations
    • Traffic light signals monitoring and diagnostics
    • Monitoring and diagnostics of the state of transport

Subsystem of equipment monitoring and dispatching and information security (IIOT.ISTOK)

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