Development of BIM models of buildings under construction

List of documents under development for the effective implementation of BIM technology:

  • CS – company standard
  • EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements) – information requirements of the client;
  • ВЕР (BIM Execution Plan) – an executive plan for the implementation of the project;
  • PIP (Project Implementation Plan) – пproject implementation plan;
  • CDE (Common Data Environment) – structure of common data environment ;
  • СС (Classification class) - a database of classifiers

Advantages of using BIM technology in pre-project work:

  • Analysis of the location and engineering-geological and environmental situation of the future construction object
  • Creating a concept model of the future object that moves to the next stage without data loss
  • Multivariate design
  • Placement of the construction object in the existing building
  • Modeling of production sites
  • Estimation of the cost and construction time of the object

Advantages of using BIM technology in constructional design:

  • Calculation of the amount of work and estimation of the cost
  • Analysis and updating of project solutionsй
  • Searching for and eliminating collisions in the documentation
  • Visualization of design solutions
  • Automated uploading of drawings and specifications
  • Intelligent parameterisation and adaptability
  • Engineering and technical calculations

Advantages of using BIM technology at the construction support stage:

  • Control over the time schedule and compliance with the deadlines for execution of the works (4D)
  • Displaying the percentage of work completed
  • Aggregated calculation of the cost of the object (5D)
  • Effective construction control of deviations using laser scanning and combining the point cloud with the model
  • Comparison of the plan and the fact, control of deviations
  • Executive model

The main areas of application of the Internet of Things and BIM in operation

  • Creating an object database and engineering data management environment
  • Dispatching and monitoring of engineering and technological equipment (IOT)
  • Regulatory measures (MRO)
  • Managing the resource characteristics of the equipment
  • Training of operation and maintenance personnel
  • Modeling of emergency situationsй
  • Certification

List of services provided

  • Development of the company's strategy in the field of information modeling based on Autodesk CAD;
  • Development of internal regulations, standards, methods and procedures for the application of information modeling technology;
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of information modeling application for this project by all performers;
  • Budgeting for the required software and hardware;
  • Preparation of modeling materials for conducting operational meetings on the project;
  • Building the process of interaction of client structures using an information model;
  • Coordination of the work of performers on the implementation of the tasks of information modeling application;
  • Ensuring reliable information exchange;
  • Development of quality control procedures for information models;
  • Analysis of intermediate results of the information modeling process in order to control the key indicators of the project;
  • Verification and acceptance of the final results of the information modeling process;
  • Reverse engineering and development of documentation for stages P (Project) and RD (Ruling document);
  • Development of geoinformation models and digital information models of the terrain;
  • Assignment of estimated prices for elements of the information BIM model, unloading volumes and estimates;
  • Uploading drawings and specifications from the information BIM model;
  • Linking the schedule plan for execution of work with the information BIM model;
  • Augmented reality AR and virtual reality VR;
  • Refinement of the project model into an operational one using various tools.

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