Design Center «Istok»

«...from idea to application for a layout...»

Comprehensive approach to problems in the field of radio electronics, information technology, telecommunications and communications, including research and development activities, development of technological documentation and putting into production.

Assessment of the development and design potential of domestic equipment

Volume of the Russian radio electronics market, trillion rubles
  • The contractual status of domestic electronics for 2021 is 350 billion rubles (25% of the total volume of electronics purchases).
  • In 2020, the share of Russian radio electronics in the total volume of purchases of radio-electronic products amounted to 22.5% (285 billion rubles), in 2019 - 20% (220 billion rubles).

Data source: Ministry of Industry and Trade

Volume of the Russian radio electronics market, trillion rubles

Data source: Bicotender

Description and composition of the design center

A wide range of options is achieved through the following structures:

Design Center competencies

  • Depending on the area, the Design Center is capable of performing a full R&D cycle from market research of potential products to creating technological documentation and putting products into production.
  • The Center's specialists can prepare technical specifications for co-contractors (part of R&D cycle), carry out acceptance and testing of the results obtained both from co-contractors and their own developments.

Ongoing projects

Telecommunications equipment

Description: development of lines of routers and switches of aggregation and data center access network levels based on domestic processors "Baikal" and "Elbrus". The software and hardware is entirely Russian design.

Permanent magnets

Description: as part of the project the organization of the production of permanent magnets and magnetic systems from sintered hard magnetic materials based on alloys of rare earth metals with cobalt is carried out. The products are in demand by oilfield service companies that use magnets as part of engine rotors in the manufacture of valve submersible oil pumps.


Description: development of a line of bactericidal air recirculators for general use, with a capacity of up to 120 m3 / hour. The recirculators are equipped with an absolute air purification filter for clean rooms of N-14 class and have a bacterial protection efficiency of up to 99.995%.

Intelligent electricity metering devices (IEMD) and Arc-fault detection device (AFDD)

Description: as part of the project assistance was provided in the serial development of the production of intelligent electricity metering devices (IEMD) and arc-fault detection device (AFDD). Existing competencies have made it possible to improve the design of the product and optimize technological operations in production.

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